Why is Task Management Essential?

Task management includes planning, analyzing, evaluating, and reporting about a particular task’s progress. It is an important aspect of the management of a project because it helps to follow every task thoroughly. Regardless of the size and complexity of the task, task management is an absolute necessity when it comes to completing a project on time and within budget.

In order for the process of task management to be effective and efficient, it is imperative that the project manager adheres to a schedule that will cover all important aspects of each task such as status, time, deadline, costs, and assigned resources.

Project management, process management, and assignment management are operations that are strongly interconnected between each other and can influence the project’s dynamics. Moreover, these processes often require specific project management software so that project managers could regularly check the project’s activities and make proper reports.

Activity management is useful and beneficial for different reasons such as prioritizing tasks, internal communication, project workflow, project participants’ performance, and more.

Task management helps prioritize tasks

Those working in the project management sector undoubtedly need to acquire good prioritization skills. Project managers, especially, when creating a project plan, must be attentive to which type of task will give priority because that decision could make a project succeed or fail.

The prioritization of tasks can be facilitated by using project management software that offers the option for task management. It is proven that team members using a task management feature manage to plan their working time and divide tasks by importance effectively.

Better ‘project manager – team member’ communication

Communication is an important asset that mustn’t be forgotten when the success of a project is in question. By practicing management of tasks and assignments it can become very easy to pay attention to the aspect of communication, which goes in favor of all project participants.

task management empowers good team communication

Task management enables straightforward two-way communication between team members and project managers. Firstly, team members communicate with their project manager by confirming and reporting on their finished or pending work. After that, project managers carefully analyze the received updates and give feedback for the performed work.

Uninterrupted project flow

When project managers have complete control over each task of the project, they feel more effective and efficient. Task management provides exactly that – having control over all discrete project tasks and their status. A project management software that incorporates a feature for task management allows the responsible manager to have every task detail at a glance, which enables a prompt reaction in a case is needed.

All in all, management supports uninterrupted project flow. More specifically, it creates the possibility to always be updated about project task’s features, such as percentage of completed and/or uncompleted work, which are crucial to follow so that the original schedule isn’t disrupted and flows naturally.

High level of performance

Needless to say, management of assignments can significantly increase the project team’s productivity and performance. Everyday monitoring of project activities stimulate team members and project managers to be completely devoted to the work they are executing.

For example, if a certain task is noticed to be slowing down the project schedule or creates discrepancies in the successor activities, the project manager will give encouragement to project participants to be more productive and efficient. This consequently creates a motivating atmosphere and a desire to deliver more.

Task management empowers fruitful team collaboration

In cases when a large team is working on a complex large-scale project, different tasks are assigned to different team members. For this process to go smoothly, the project manager needs to plan, analyze and evaluate tasks on a daily basis.

good team collaboration is key to project success

Task management for team working is substantially supportive and advantageous. It is a process in which project managers can follow the work of every team member. And in instances where one team member is buried in tons of work and can’t manage the manager could arrange for other members to come forward and give support for the work to be done on time. This has a positive impact on people’s relationships as it strengthens teamwork and collaboration.

Resource allocation and time management

In project management, planning resources and time management are very tightly linked to task management. The time and the resources that are assigned to project tasks need to be planned and managed carefully so that tasks are completed in a systematic manner.

Labour, equipment, and financial support are necessary resources for a task to be carried out and task management can find its use here because with it project managers can supervise and optimize their allocation and reallocation.

Final thoughts on Task Management

Task management is a practical solution for both project managers and team members. It is proven that the working environment in which is implemented a project management software with task management features is predetermined to reach success.

In fact, team members who are managing their tasks get real-time project status, continually evaluate their performance and build knowledge for future projects. Furthermore, project managers get the possibility to know the status and the % of completeness of each team member’s project’s tasks and give feedback and comments for the accomplished work.