Seavus Project Viewer for Mac

Open and view MPP files with Microsoft Project Viewer for Mac

MPP viewer that provides single source of truth for the organization

Supreme quality with
operating system flexibility 

Seavus Project Viewer for Mac is a flexible solution suitable for companies that solely use macOS operating systems or in a combination with Windows. This way, no matter the device, all project participants can access the project plan and enjoy a consistent in-app experience across all devices.

Seavus Project Viewer is created as a native macOS application, following all the recommendations, frameworks, tools and guidelines used when developing software for this operating system.

The project information from MPP files can be effortlessly distributed to all end users by using various channels of your choice such as email, chat or a shared folder.

Company benefits from using
Seavus Project Viewer 

Intuitive Interface with familiar
MS Project Views

Seavus Project Viewer for MAC – Company Deployment 

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