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Highly recommended cost-effective solution for international organizations, working on long-lasting projects over the years, surrounded by dynamic IT infrastructure. Get the best savings by seamlessly deploying Seavus Project Viewer to all workstations across the organization.

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The enterprise licensing model has unique benefits including:

  • Custom Made Installation Package
  • Push installation to all workstations
  • No end-user activation required
  • Unlimited number of licenses

Works on Citrix/Windows Terminal server upon request.
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Michael A Bafico – Raytheon – SAS, USA,

Your quick response and pro-active solution make your Customer Service very impressive. Thank you.

Katy King – Biotech Regulatory Solutions, Australia,

Thank you very much for resolving my technical enquiry so quickly. This is excellent service.

Vlastimil Schart – ArcusGruppen AS, Norway,

Thank you very much for the information about MSI setup and activation of the product. We really appreciate that Seavus Project Viewer Customer Support representatives are so kind to help us with this matter. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Bahram Zahedi Fard – System Analyst, Computacenter AG & Co.,

I am very satisfied with the availability of the support team; they are professional and real experts in their job. My case was successfully resolved and what is more important it was resolved very fast. When I sent them my first email explaining the issue, I got immediate response and it kept going that way until the resolution was found.

Donna Arlton – Lite Machines, USA,

When we were unable to successfully download a trial version of the Seavus Project Viewer due to technical factors, we called the Seavus Customer Support whose services were immediately available. After a careful review of the situation, the support team representative provided us with a Seavus Project Viewer license and assisted us in its implementation.

Mr. Martin Arend – EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG,

It is great to work with Seavus Project Viewer, very user friendly, and for a lower price then other viewers. It has exactly the same view as Microsoft Project Viewer, and some other futures that allow me to configure my toolbar manu the way I like. Very easy to use and with deep functionality.