Seavus Project Viewer Views 

Obtain valuable insights with 100% accuracy as in Microsoft Project 

Deep Dive into the various views available in Seavus Project Viewer 

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Default Microsoft Project Gantt Charts supported by Seavus Project Viewer: 

Seavus Project Viewer supports two standard Network Diagram views like the ones available in Microsoft® Project:

Seavus Project Viewer provides support for the standard Calendar view, which is available by default in Microsoft Project. 

Additional Types of Views available in Seavus Project Viewer 

Relationship Diagram

Illustrates Predecessors and Successors within the plan
(integrated with task or as a standalone view). 

Form View

A non-graphical view that provides in depth information on
individual tasks and can be combined with a Gantt Chart.

Plan in Microsoft Project, View in Seavus Project Viewer

Project Managers in Microsoft Project can: 

Everything is stored within the MPP file along with the project data. 

Team members/users of Seavus Project Viewer can: