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use Seavus Project Viewer to view mpp files 

A scheme showing the distribution of MPP files, and where Seavus Project Viewer is being used in the process

View Access to Microsoft Project Plans for the whole organization 

Why choose
Seavus Project Viewer? 

View Microsoft Project files without MS Project 

With Seavus Project Viewer you can make project data available to the whole organization for just a fraction of MS Project's price. You don't have to have a full MS Project license for every organization member to view mpp files derived from Microsoft Project Plan. 

Secure sharing of project data 

With Seavus Project Viewer, your project information stays in-house. This mpp viewer doesn’t store data, minimizing the risk of making it available to third parties. 

Collaborative tool for project communication 

The Task Update Add-in allows updating the status of assigned project tasks. It also allows Project Managers to get real-time updates on each team member's tasks status, thus improving project communication. 

Intuitive User Interface  

Seavus Project Viewer supports 100% of the views available in MS Project standard and MS Project professional. Your team can use it right away thanks to the familiar interface that follows Microsoft standards.  

26 views suitable for different roles 

All views are available to every user, providing unique opportunities to view data depending on their needs.

Extract Reports 

Extract in-depth reports on all related information of the project status such as Costs, Project Overview, Upcoming Tasks, and Work Overview.

Project Reader with Multi-Language Support 

Seavus Project Viewer is available in 11 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Polish, and Italian. 


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