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to open Microsoft® Project files.

  • Fully compatible with the latest MS Project versions, 2019 included.
  • Display of all MS Project views with 100% accuracy.
  • Easy collaboration with Skype for Business and Task Update.
  • Complete integration for Microsoft® SharePoint.

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If you can see it in Microsoft® Project, you can see it in Seavus Project Viewer!

With Seavus Project Viewer you simply don't need to worry about which version of Microsoft® Project is used to create the project plan. 

What is Seavus Project Viewer?

It is the leading and most complete viewer for Microsoft® Project mpp files. As a project management software solution, it is intended for all project team members and employees that need to open and view the project plans in .mpp file format. Seavus Project Viewer supports 100% of the views available in MS Project, including the professional graphical reports, and offers multiple sharing options like SharePoint integration. It is a professional, yet cost-effective solution, with a familiar user interface that additionally eliminates the learning curve and training costs for the project organizations and companies.

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The key benefits of using our solution as Microsoft Project Viewer

Companies managed to reduce their license costs, and at the same time improve their project performance.

  • Your colleagues will feel like they are working in Microsoft Project.

    Team members will open, view and analyze project plans in a MS Office look and feel environment and will have 100% of the views supported in MS Project.

  • You will save more than 90% on software licensing costs.

    You can acquire the best Microsoft Project mpp viewer for your coworkers for only a fraction (10%) of the cost of MS Project and save funds!

  • Dedicated technical support team is happy to assist you.

    For any questions about installing or using Seavus Project Viewer our experienced customer service team is dedicated to provide the highest quality responses.

If you can see it in Microsoft® Project, you can see it in Seavus Project Viewer!

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  • Have complete control with professional graphical reports.

    Allow your team greater involvement in the project success. Open any Microsoft Project file (.mpp) and see the graphical reports as in Microsoft Project®.

  • Easy sharing via SharePoint and One Drive.

    Keep your Microsoft Project plans on a shared location on SharePoint Online, or your in-house SharePoint. One Drive cloud storage is also available.

  • Enable instant collaboration without server installation.

    Team members are able to update project plans like "hours spent" and "percentage completed" on tasks with Task Update functionality.

Reasons for choosing this powerful Project Viewer

Take a look and see what makes Seavus Project Viewer the .mpp viewer of choice for businesses of all sizes.

Mpp file viewer The project viewer reads .mpp project file format and does not require previous installations of Microsoft® Project. This Microsoft project plan viewer offers a complete set of views and additional features for reviewing and analyzing project information. As a complete Microsoft project viewer, it opens password-protected files, Master Project plans and .mpp files of up to 10GB. It is 70% faster than other tools, opens files up to 1MB in less than 3 seconds and files up to 10MB in less than 20 seconds.
  • Supports MPP files from multiple MS Project versions.
  • Opens Master Project plans, including large .mpp files.
  • Opens password protected MS Project plans.
  • Faster and more reliable than any other tool.
MS Project Viewer This MS project viewer allows viewing and analyzing of project files created in Microsoft® Project 2016, along with mpp files created with all previous versions, from Microsoft® Project 2007 onward. Seavus Project Viewer™ supports any custom-created Gantt chart, Network Diagram, Task Sheet, Task Usage, Relationship diagram, Resource Graph, Resource Sheet, and Resource Usage view. The presentation of the views in this microsoft project viewer, fully matches Microsoft® Project views and provides the same display of project information to all project stakeholder. "If you can see it in Microsoft® Project then you can see it in Seavus Project Viewer" which makes it the ultimate Microsoft project viewer.
  • Opens MPP plans from MS Project 2016.
  • Supports user defined views.
  • Shows 100% of the views available in MS Project.
  • No learning curve or training costs.
Project viewer reports As a MS project viewer, it comes with visual reports, dashboards and allows team members, team leads and other project participants to have a complete overview of the health of the project plan. With the visual reports, team members can read their upcoming tasks, tasks that are behind schedule or get information regarding critical tasks in the project plan. On the other hand, other project stakeholders can observe the tasks, resource costs and analyze whether they are aligned with the project budget. The reports available in this project viewer provide a specially formatted and descriptive overview of the project, project tasks, resources and assignments. Seavus Project Viewer™ supports most of the predefined Microsoft® Project reports, found in the Overview, Current Activities, Costs, Assignments and Workload.
  • Supports most of the predefined MS Project reports.
  • Enables a complete overview of the project’s health.
  • Provides descriptive reports for all project stakeholders.
Collaboration with task update Project team members can seamlessly collaborate through the Task Update option, where project team members can provide project managers with up-to-date information about the current status of the project tasks and the project managers can track if all assignments in the project plan are finished on time. Seavus Project Viewer™ with Task Update can help companies to decrease costs, easily track projects, get a better overview of the projects and avoid time consuming e-mail communication between the project manager and team members. Users can also open Project Plans published on Microsoft® Project Server or collaborate through the full MS SharePoint (in-house or online) integration and share their .mpp files via One Drive.
  • Offers collaborative environment with Task Update.
  • Speeds up the communication and feedback process.
  • Supports mpp file through network shared location.
  • Options to share mpp plans via One Drive.
Languages and platforms The software is available on the most used platforms, including: Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows phone, Windows RT and a free light-weight online .mpp viewer. This project mpp file viewer is available in eleven languages: English (default), German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Polish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified). Moreover, the solution offers full customer support to customers for all questions regarding installation, company deployment and usage of the program.
  • Available in multiple languages for international teams.
  • Multi-platform availability and coverage for the most used OSs.
  • Multiple licensing options for companies of all sizes.
  • Dedicated customer support team.

Project Viewer Key Facts

These numbers show why our project viewer has been the solution of choice, for the last 15 years.


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See what our clients are saying

  • We wanted a project reader which looked as much as possible as the MS Project version, but at a fraction of the price. Seavus Project Viewer was from our point of view the one which could answer this need. The product helps us reduce costs and I think all features are useful...

    Jean-FrancoisMicrocell, Montreal, Canada
  • I tried many Microsoft Project viewers before using Seavus Project Viewer, but none of them could display the usage views properly. I found it perfect in terms of viewing .mpp files at acceptable price levels. It is an application with excellent functions like highlighting whole rows, including Gantt bars when you select a task in a Gantt bar view...

    Mr. AkiyamaEye Care Technology Group, Topcon, Japan
  • It is great to work with Seavus Project Viewer, very user friendly, and for a lower price then other viewers. It has exactly the same view as Microsoft Project Viewer, and some other features that allow me to configure my toolbar many the way I like. Very easy to use and with deep functionality.

    Mr. Martin ArendEMH metering GmbH & Co. KG
  • My experience with you has been exceptional. Thank you for your timely response to all of our questions. I especially appreciate it when I find that this kind of service is most often not the case. Although the Seavus organization is new to us, I feel that my experience with you has been exceptional. Good enough that I wanted to put it in words.

    Dan SullivanIS Manager, Midcon Cables Co.