Global Templates 

Establish consistent usage and appearance of MPP project files 

Whether in a team or on a company level, global templates
introduce consistency of viewing data  

When you open a project (.mpp) file in Seavus Project Viewer™, the application initially loads what already exists within the file:   

If you have any missing components, SPV supplements them with the relevant elements from the global template. With this, you can be sure that each project plan always includes, at a minimum, all the views and the associated features provided by the global template. The software preserves any modified views present in the .mpp file that were saved by the project manager in Microsoft Project.
The Options dialog in Seavus Project Viewer allows you to customize the global template by selecting another template (.mpt) file. The process is detailed in the “Program Options” section of the manual. The file can be stored locally on your disk, or it can be accessed through a network share. This flexibility allows you to go beyond the standard template provided during the installation of Seavus Project Viewer.

Implementing Company Standard

Standardization of presenting project data is a recommended approach for companies. By implementing single global template on a network share the company: 

Ensuring simplicity and ease of use 

The implementation of one or more streamlined global templates for a specific user group ensures: 

Personalization of Views and Features

Users have the flexibility to utilize their own personalized templates in conjunction with the product by following a simple process.

Initially, these templates can be created in Microsoft Project. An example being – a financial officer requests a project manager to design a template that incorporates custom views displaying cost and budget information.

Once these templates are created, they can be easily utilized with Seavus Project Viewer, enabling individuals to leverage their personalized setup within the application.

Customizable distribution

Seavus Project Viewer is conveniently distributed as an MSI distributable setup, providing IT administrators the option to tailor the installation according to organizational requirements. They can easily customize the setup by either deploying a designated global template or configuring Seavus Project Viewer to utilize a template stored on a network share.

This approach eliminates the need for users to individually customize the product, as the necessary configurations are applied during deployment, ensuring a streamlined experience for end-users.

Create a Global Project Template in Microsoft Project

Step 1

Choose the appropriate views, tables filters, groups and calendar in Microsoft Project 

Step 2

Save the information in Microsoft Project Template (.mpt)  

Step 3

Share it with all project participants 

Step 4

Import the template in Seavus Project Viewer 

Step 5

Open project plan in Seavus Project Viewer