Magyar Telecom Experiences Numerous Benefits After Implementing Seavus Project Viewer

About the Company

Matáv Hungarian Telecommunications Company Ltd. was established in late 1991 as the successor of the telecommunications company established when Hungarian Post was split into three entities. The company remained a fully-owned state company until the end of 1993. Today, Magyar Telekom Group with over 12,300 employees is owned by Deutsche Telecom (majority share) and services three business areas: Consumer services in wireline and mobile communications, Business services provided to corporate customers, and the Alternative Businesses comprising content, media and other non-access services.

Business Challenge

Because of the many different business areas Magyar Telekom operates in, the customer relations they build and maintain, and the dynamic of the work involved in the every-day activities, it is crucial to their success that they work fast and efficient. Magyar Telekom operates in different countries and on many projects with a great deal of project members.The basic need of each project is to be able to share and view files. The business challenge was to be able to reduce the time, effort and cost involved in sharing and viewing project plans, instead of sending them through email or by using project server.

Seavus Project Viewer Solution

Based on our internal tests of many viewers, our project managers found an excellent solution Attila Koloszár, the SW license manager for Magyar Telekom comments…”The benefits of using Seavus Project Viewer were present and obvious from the beginning. Namely, this useful software gave us the chance to prepare users in advance to participate in project processes. Project managers give the list of potential project members, who need only to view project plans. We can deploy the software to the PCs of those users by remote management, with minimal efforts.

But, the general benefits we got from using Seavus Project Viewer are:

  • Cost efficiency – we found software that can help us reduce our license and software related costs;
  • A chance to involve a wider range of project members into projects;
  • Speeding up the processes – Seavus Project Viewer made the processes in project management;
  • Perfect show of .mpp files;
  • Easy installation and distribution;

Additionally, Mr. Koloszár stated another very important benefit that his company has gained by purchasing Seavus Project Viewer. ”Every person who has to view/print an .mpp file, only has to ask the HelpDesk to install a Seavus Project Viewer. Based on the company license the HelpDesk and PC support may satisfy the demand immediately. It gives us the high level of user satisfaction. There is no better way to help our project managers and users.”

Based on our internal tests of many viewers, our project managers found an excellent solution in Seavus Project Viewer. The ease of use, cost and time savings of this software fit perfectly in Magyar Telecom.

“Our IT Group finds it refreshing to be able to install and distribute Seavus Project Viewer to all our users in a fast and easy way” says Zoltán Vajda, IT deputy director of Magyar Telecom. He further states “Before Seavus Project Viewer it was a permanent problem that our people who we intended to involve to project processes, had no possibility to view the project plans. We had to ask for Microsoft Project licenses,wait for installation, or had to send the project plans in other file formats.Now it is over – every project member can view the project plans even if they have do not have the expensive Microsoft Project software. A contributing factor to this project’s success is their licensing plans which provided us the flexibility and ease of deployment we needed”.

”After we installed Seavus Project Viewer, we asked for feedback from all users across our affiliates, and all of the responses we got were very positive. There was not a single negative comment,which gave us further proof of the good decision we made.”

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