Jungheinrich Group Improves the Flow of Project Data

The Jungheinrich Group is one of the world’s four largest suppliers of industrial trucks, warehousing technology, and materials flow technology. In Europe, Jungheinrich is the leading supplier of warehousing technology. Since 1953, the Group, which has its headquarters in Hamburg, has been offering forklift-based products and services designed to get things moving for industrial customers.

Business Challenge

The increase in global distribution flows and the steadily accelerating pace of IT development is changing the face of intracompany logistics. With their own sales and service companies in 31 countries in and outside Europe, with a large number of representative offices and a direct sales network with 18 sites in Germany, Jungheinrich Group has grown rapidly. Today, approximately 750 sales consultants as well as more than 3100 mobile service engineers Jungheinrich Group maintains a close-knit worldwide network providing competent consulting and comprehensive service. With the expansion of the Jungheinrich Group and the Jungheinrich Network over the years, Microsoft Project was chosen as the main project management tool.

Seavus Project Viewer solution

The Jungheinrich Group faced a problem most companies experience when using project management software. They had a large group of people that only needed to view project plan information. They decided it was too expensive to give everyone a copy of Microsoft Project so instead, they chose to make snapshots of each plan and distribute them as a series of HTML files. They quickly got feedback from their user community that these screenshots were just too static and that most people could not effectively use them. So the Jungheinrich Group asked their central IT department to search for a tool that would allow them to open and view the entire project plan, including the ability to display all the custom views created in each plan. They evaluated several viewers in the market and determined that Seavus Project Viewer was the most suitable one for their needs. Specifically, they liked the fact that it offers full support for all custom views embedded in the original .mpp file by the project manager and that it is able to open very large project plans. They also felt that Seavus Project Viewer’s similar look to Microsoft Project would make it easy for users to accept and use with no training. “Since most of our users need to open very large .mpp files from time to time, it was an important part of our evaluation and one that Seavus Project Viewer was able to accomplish with no problems, states the Jungheinrich Group. “Once we purchased it, it was an easy product for us to deploy Enterprise-wide and has been a very stable and well-accepted product by our employees.

Business benefits

Today, Jungheinrich Group employees have an effective Microsoft Project companion tool for opening and viewing Microsoft Project files at a very cost-effective price. With Seavus Project Viewer, each employee now has the capability of viewing all project data and custom views created by the project manager. This has resulted in a more efficient and effective flow of information to all project stakeholders.