Froude Hofmann Increases Focus on Core Activities as Seavus Project Viewer Improves Project Analysis

About the company

Froude Hofmann is a long-established international high-technology company, designing and manufacturing specialized test equipment. Operating for over 130 years, the company takes its name from the renowned Victorian engineer William Froude, whose son established the UK business in 1881, and from Hofmann of Germany.

The Problem

Why did you choose Seavus Project Viewer?

In our company we have dispersed unit with mixed working environments in terms of platform: some of them use Windows 7, others 8.1. As of lately we have implemented others Windows 10. Needless to say, support for all MS Windows versions was imperative. We were looking for a software solution where team members can be more involved in the analysis of the project plans, and have a number of filters at their disposal, as well as make sure the project plan tasks were not updated/changed/deleted by mistake.

The Solution

What are the benefits of implementing Seavus Project Viewer in your environment?

As a first, I must note Seavus Project Viewer installed with no issues, regardless of the platform. The product includes the native Microsoft Office look, team members were able to use it instantly. We found that team members were able to analyze project plans better, setting views according to their areas of interest.

The Outcome

What did you improve (results)?

Cost efficiency was the reason we chose, and the outcome of the purchase of Seavus Project Viewer. The software was implemented and accepted within our team. The different license models allow for great scalability, so we can purchase licenses as our team grows and easily incorporate them within our environment.


Product worked to our satisfaction. The customer support team answered timely and professionally.

How can Seavus Project Viewer help your company?

Download your free trial and see how you too can optimize your MS project environment and improve team’s communication and collaboration.

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