Custom Industrial Solutions Saves on MS Project Licensing Costs With Seavus Project Viewer

About the company

RT Engineering Corporation is a leading Northeast provider of custom industrial controls, automation, and factory modernization solutions. With an understanding of the production challenges manufacturers face, RT extends a wealth of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, component distribution via leading suppliers, and 24-hour field support. Founded in 1972, RT strengthens U.S. manufacturers by designing, building, installing, and servicing advanced machines and motion control systems that power productivity and reduce downtime.

Why did you choose Seavus Project Viewer?

Our company has licenses for projects for the management team and I (project coordinator) use them to organize tasking for all the engineers. We however only need read/viewing access for the engineers. Finance was an area we were looking to save and Seavus Project Viewer emerged as a great opportunity in this area, including support for .mpp files for the MS Project version we used. We have decided to implement it, purchasing licenses for team members who only needed to open and view the project plans. The process was very straightforward – the engineers switched to Seavus Project Viewer without difficulties.

What are the benefits of implementing Seavus Project Viewer in your environment?

We wanted to implement a solution that had a similar or identical look and feel as Microsoft Project. We chose Seavus Project Viewer because of its visual appearance which relates to MS Project and supports all MS Project views aiming at better analysis. This project viewer allowed us to view and sort the way that worked most like MS Project for us.

What did you improve?

  • Improved organization and productivity of engineers
  • Organizational collaboration improvements
  • Long term savings solution for a growing and expanding team; no additional MS Project licenses need to be purchased


The product works to our satisfaction and is delivered as promised. We’ll continue to use it in our company.

How can Seavus Project Viewer help your company?

Get your copy of the Seavus Project Viewer and see how you too can optimize your MS project environment, costs and improve team’s communication.

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