3 Steps to Become an Evergreen IT Company

How can one company get the Evergreen IT status?

One thing that can take your company a step closer to achieving this green star is by offering flexible services that will regularly follow your customers’ needs.

Microsoft defines Evergreen IT as a term that “refers to running services comprised of components that are always up to date. Evergreen IT encompasses not only the services at the user level but also the entire underlying infrastructure, whether onsite or outsourced. Many organizations believe that evergreen IT holds promise for reducing the resources and energy they need to expand on providing the up-to-date and flexible services that their users are demanding”.

Implementing Evergreen IT can benefit your company, services, and way of working in many ways that are strongly interconnected to one another.

One of the benefits of Evergreen IT is the contemporary infrastructure, which provides flexibility, compatibility, versatility, and continuous improvement for the company and its services. Another benefit is the security of the company, which is one of the keys to success. The security of the entire business is related to the contemporary and versatile infrastructure, i.e. the more modern the internal structure, the more secure the company.

In other words, by adopting Evergreen IT, you will avoid many security risks that can increase the vulnerability of your company and the services you offer.

Many companies aim to follow this continuous pattern of offering up-to-date services that can be modified quickly according to the latest trends in technology and the needs of their clients.

Moreover, they pursue to provide flexibility and at the same time to successfully manage to reduce time and costs that are necessary for the process.

To become an acknowledged Evergreen IT organization there are three essential aspects that your company must consider – understand client needs, stay on top with the latest trends in technology, and offer the best solution to any issue that clients face.

So how to achieve these three things?

Understanding client needs

There is a saying that goes ‘’your customer makes your product’’.

Understanding customer needs is essential for successfully offering any product or service. In order to understand and learn the needs of your customers as a company, you must follow every step they take.

You need to reach out to them and talk with them so that you could thoroughly understand the specific issues and concerns that they and their business are facing.

This way you will understand your customers’ requirements that can be easily transformed into products and services that will address their needs.

Staying on top with the latest trends

Keeping up with the latest trends in technology is crucial for every IT company.

Things change very fast in the industry of technology because new trends are arising constantly. What can you do in order to be in line with the new trends?

Firstly, you need to keep track of all tech giants, all the things they do, and how they do them. Secondly, you need to explore a variety of sources where you can find valuable technology-related information, from websites, books, and magazines to documentaries, Q&A shows, and radio shows.

Offering best solutions

As a company that strives to become an Evergreen IT organization, you need to constantly improve your efficiency, adaptability, and agility.

Moreover, you need to focus on finding ways to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

However, before you offer a solution, first you must find and analyze the problem.

Second, you need to develop more than one solution, and in the end, you have to pick the best solution. In order to do all of this, you have to create a problem-solving strategy.

In summary, it is a fact that successful adoption of Evergreen IT requires changes in organizational structure, technology, and team’s abilities and skills, but it also requires good budget planning. However, all small and big IT companies that are looking to improve their services and products have to seek to become an Evergreen IT organization.

For this to be realized, it is of vital importance that the company knows the needs of its customers, informs its clients about any service problems and changes of product features, as well as offers optimal solutions to all the issues that arise.