Seavus Project Viewer Joins APM Community

Seavus Project Viewer joins APM community

We are pleased to announce that Seavus Project Viewer has joined the APM community.

With this step, we make a commitment to help develop and promote the professional project and programme management community.

The Association for Project Managers (APM) is the largest independent Chartered body for the project profession. The award-winning association has over 23,000 individual and 570 corporate members making it the largest professional body of its kind in Europe.

Seavus Project Viewer stays dedicated to reducing costs and achieving operational excellence

We have helped more than 6 million users to improve the way they interact with project files and greatly lower their spendings on overpriced Microsoft project licenses.

With a mission to provide companies with the perfect solution that improves projects performance for the lowest price on the market, we continue to be the number 1 viewer of choice for companies, organizations, and project management communities from every corner of the world.