Editors’ Pick Award by Windows 10 Download for Seavus Project Viewer

With more than 20 years of experience, Seavus Project Viewer has been trusted and recommended by a countless number of project management teams, as well as software review professionals. Throughout the years, Seavus Project Viewer has been recognized as the #1 Microsoft Project Viewer due to its functionality, speed, and affordability.  

All these years, many project management professionals have been considering it as a staple in their everyday activities. This was also recognized by many software review platforms, who are often listing and recommending this software to teams that want to view Microsoft Project files, without paying the price for a full MS Project license.  

Our team is happy to announce that Seavus Project Viewer has received another recommendation: an “Editors’ Pick” award, after being reviewed by Windows 10 Download. This is another recognition for our leading Microsoft Project Viewer, trusted by more than 6 million users over the course of two decades.  

After careful review, Windows 10 Download is recommending Seavus Project Viewer, listing on their website that “Seavus Project Viewer is designed to provide a comprehensive view of project details, enabling teams to easily track progress, manage resources, and meet deadlines. It is a robust, user-friendly software that supports .mpp files, making it compatible with MS Project, the industry standard for project management tools. This software is known for its stability and reliability, making it a trusted tool for project managers worldwide. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and simplicity, making project management a breeze.”  

Launched in 2003, Seavus Project Viewer quickly grew into an indispensable tool to many teams, being used by more than two thirds of the companies on the Fortune 500 list. It displays project data 100% as seen in Microsoft Project, and it stands out in speed and quality, being 93% faster than its competitors.  

“Successful software is not merely a program; it’s a symphony of innovation, precision, and user-centricity, composed to harmonize technology with human needs. Seavus Project Viewer is a testament to our journey of success, underpinned by unwavering passion and relentless dedication.”, said Ljubisha Mladenovski, Product Line Owner 

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