The Definitive Guide to Cutting Costs with Seavus Project Viewer

Reduce MS Project Software Costs While Improving Team Coordination and Productivity on Enterprise Level

Using the Microsoft Project software through out the whole company can be very expensive, especially if you have a lot of users with occasional needs to only view project plans, as opposed to few planning and project management personal.

Since early days of project management, In order to cut their costs many organizations turn to providing project information by using exported files such as Excel and PDF, or printing copies of the plans.

Usually these workarounds have their limitations by providing static view, add unproductive time to projects managers, where they have to tailor the data to each specific users and at the end even leave out critical information of project. For instance, a user might need to look at the Gantt chart, then view the task information, and finally see the resources assigned to that task. This would simply not be possibly in a PDF file, and very confusing if done in Excel.

This is where a .mpp file viewer comes in handy.

Seavus Project Viewer can help project managers to communicate the project information with everyone involved in the project. With it, all project stakeholders can view and interact with data, through the different dynamic views, filters, groups, sorts and reports available in the application, thus get any needed information fast, clean and with utmost ease.

The solution can easily display all schedule data with 100% accuracy, as in Microsoft Project. It costs only a fraction of an MS Project licence, which is one of the main reasons why over two thirds of the Fortune 500 companies have deployed Seavus Project Viewer to all company workstation and equipped all their employees with a view access to the project plan.

Benefits For the Company

Benefits For the Project

By better managing their software license costs on enterprise level, not only companies successfully save valuable money, which can be reused in other form, but they also benefit from the numerous improvements the project viewer can introduce such as, improved project communication and team coordination and more efficient internal work flows and data streams.

Let the facts, client names and numbers speak for Seavus Project Viewer’s superiority and efficiency:

  • Two decades of excellence
  • Trusted by more than 6 million users
  • On the white lists of more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies

Learn how Seavus Project Viewer helps companies reduce their MS Project Licensing costs.

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