If you can see it in Microsoft® Project, you can see it in Seavus Project Viewer
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Leading Project Viewer to open .mpp files

View, open and analyze your .mpp files with identical MS Project look


With Seavus Project Viewer your team members can open project plans (.mpp files) from all Microsoft Project versions, as well as password protected files or Master project plans. Seavus Project Viewer supports all views included in MS Project. This means your team will feel like working in Microsoft Project – no additional training is needed!

Take control of your project - Collaborate with Seavus Project Viewer 


With Seavus Project Viewer you can upload your Project Plans and Master Project Plans on Microsoft Project Server or benefit from the complete integration with Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Team members can use Google Drive and SkyDrive to share their .mpp project plans. Using Task Update, the unique collaboration without server installation, team members can provide real time task progress and project managers will have complete overview of the project status.


The Project Viewer of choice for over 5 million customers


Seavus Project Viewer’s constant innovation with every new release made it a choice for more than 250 from Fortune 500 companies. Companies worldwide have chosen and implemented Seavus Project Viewer as an affordable solution to reduce on their MS Project licensing cost. Seavus Project Viewer is available in 11 languages - English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Japanese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian and Chinese.



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Introducing Seavus Project Viewer 11: The Leading Viewer for Microsoft Project now shows what matters to YOU


Take Control of your project with Seavus Project Viewer 11 - This First and Only Viewer for Microsoft Project files to introduce professional graphical reports as in Microsoft Project 2013


Choose from the most used project reports as in MS Project 2013. Or customize one that works for YOU!


Dashboard – get quick overviews of your project in matter of seconds. See the completed and remaining tasks, as well as percentage of the project completed with the Project Overview Report. Go through the actual working hours and quickly see remaining working hours with the Work Overview Report.

Resources – See the status of all resources assigned the project’s tasks. Go through the  actual work, remaining work and baseline work for all your project resources.




Costs – Instantly visualize the cost variance for the project’s task and resources. Be informed  about the cost status of your resources or see the work status of the assigned resources with Seavus Project Viewer 11’s Resource Cost Overview Report and Task Cost Overview Report.



With Seavus Project Viewer you can open .mpp files from ALL versions of MS Project and use the powerful graphical reports available in MS Project 2013 only!


*The phrase "Microsoft Project Viewer" should not be recognized as a Project Viewer of Microsoft Corporation, but as a Viewer for Microsoft Project


"I can already tell you that your application is head and shoulders above the others..."

Nik Panter, MetroPhotonics Inc, Ottawa, ON, Canada

About Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer is a low cost, lightweight, Viewer for Microsoft Project that allows users to open and view (read) project plans (mpp file) apart from Microsoft Project.