How to enable instant collaboration with your colleagues?

  • The project manager creates a project plan in MS® Project and uploads it to a shared location for team members to access.
  • Team members open the project plan with Seavus Project Viewer and report task progress (percent completed or Actual Work).
  • The project manager then opens the project plan and accepts or rejects submitted task updates with Seavus Project Viewer Addin for Microsoft ® Project.
Microsoft Project Viewer for Windows

Benefits for your company

Task Update description

Collaboration is essential for effective project management. Add Task Update to your
purchase to increase the level of effective project communication and collaboration on your project.

  • Project Managers get real-time project update status
  • Simplified Project Collaboration
  • No additional investment in hardware equipment
  • No additional resources scheduled for environment maintenance
  • No security issues (opening ports, e-mail communication)
  • Productive communication between project teams is ensured

Project Managers: Get real-time project updates

Communication is of the utmost importance for project management. 

The Task Update functionality will ease communication between you and your project team, and will allow you to stay updated with your project’s health in three simple steps:

  1. Receive task updates from team members
  2. Review project members' work progress
  3. Accept, reject and comment on the received task updates

Note: To be able to use the Task update functionality project managers need to have the MS Project add-in installed.

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Team Members: Improve your project performance

Reporting on tasks assigned to you with Seavus Project Viewer Task Update’s functionality will result in helping you and your project manager be better organized in reaching the project's goals. Add Task to your Seavus Project Viewer license to report:
  1. Hours spent on an assigned task
  2. Percentage completed on a given task
  3. Add comments on particular tasks
Task Update will improve team communication allowing you to report tasks through the whole lifespan of the project report overtime, or unsigned tasks to the manager quickly and easily.

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