Fuji Electric PowerService Deploys 100 Licenses of Seavus Project Viewer

Fuji Electric PowerService Deploys 100 Licenses of Seavus Project Viewer

Success Story

We had to buy 100 Project Standard 98 because our customers use MS Project as a scheduling tool, and they send .mpp files to us in fire power plant department, where we have 200 engineers.

And then, we had to version up the licenses from 98 to 2000 as our customers started to use MS Project 2000 afterwards.

However we could not afford enough MS Project 2000 licenses that cost around 5,000,000 PY(50,000 JPY *100).

So we searched MS Project viewer, and found Seavus Project Viewer. The GUI is very similar to Microsoft Project, so that we did not need to spend any cost/time to master how to control Seavus Project Viewer. The quality is also much better than other similar software. That's why we evaluated it seriously.

We decided to deploy 100 licenses of Seavus Project Viewer even though we found some issues with displaying Japanese characters during the evaluation, because Seavus listened to our requirements and quickly fixed them for Japense users.

With Seavus Project Viewer we have saved around 4,600,000 JPY. There might have been a big lost because of the poor productivity if we reduce the number of MS Project licenses to purchase.

But, thanks to Seavus Project Viewer, we could reduce the license cost and improve productivity at the same time.

Seavus’ customer support during the evaluation and after that is excellent and impressive. We also appreciate that Seavus Project Viewer versions up frequently, and released the Japanese version lately.

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