Project Viewer Packages for Enterprise Companies

Highly recommended cost-effective solution for international organizations, working on long-lasting projects over the years, surrounded with dynamic IT infrastructure.
Get the best savings by seamlessly deploying Seavus Project Viewer to all workstations across the organization. No end-user activation required. Automatically access the latest software with Software Maintenance Assurance.

Request an Enterprise Price for Seavus Project Viewer

The enterprise licensing model has unique benefits including:

  • Custom Made Installation Package
  • Push installation to all workstations
  • No end-user activation required
  • Works on Citrix/Windows Terminal server upon request
  • Limited number of licenses

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More Value To Your Team

Add Software Maintenance Assurance and Task Update to your purchase and get the most from Seavus Project Viewer!

Software Maintenance Assurance

Keep your business up to date and ready to respond quickly to new opportunities

Software Maintenance Assurance 
- Quick access to the latest version with automated upgrade process
- Decrease software and services costs to take advantage of all new software releases and cost-efficient upgrades.
- Dedicated customer support
- E-mail and phone support

Task Update for Project Viewer

Enable instant collaboration without server installation for your colleagues

Task Update 
Collaborate with project managers- 
Get real-time project status- 
Continually evaluate team's performance- 
Superior control over the Project, critical for project success-
Avoid useless e-mail communication with your project manager-