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Standalone, cost-effective viewer for viewing native Microsoft Project .mpp files. Connect your organization better, and simplify the way you work with MS Project plans. 

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What can Seavus Project Viewer do for you?


Saves You Money

Save 90% of Microsoft Project licensing costs

You can acquire the leading and most accurate Viewer for Microsoft Project files for your coworkers for only a fraction (10%) of the cost of MS project and save funds!


Multi Language Support

11 Languages supported

Available in 11 different languages. You have the option to select one of the desired languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Polish or Italian.


Skype for Business Integration

Skype for Business Integration

Seavus Project Viewer™ fully integrates with Skype for Business. It is suitable for those companies that have offices worldwide or for fast-expanding companies.


Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated support team

For any questions about installing or using Seavus Project Viewer our experienced support team is dedicated to provide the highest quality responses.


Task Update

Task Update collaboration functionality

Team members are able to update project plans on tasks with Task Update functionality without server installation. Project Managers get real-time project update status.

Works With all .MPP Files

Support native .mpp files of all MS Project versions

Seavus Project Viewer is the only Microsoft Project viewer that will open native .mpp files of all MS Project Versions (2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016).


A real alternative to Microsoft Project

Seavus Project Viewer Project Online Essentials Project Online
Cost/ user for the 1st year
(including support)
Cost/ User for 5 years $67 $420 $2,058
Number of supported views all (27) 2 all
Project Desktop Client
Open all MS project file versions 2013, 2016
Graphical reports
Skype for Business integration
Task Update
Submit Timesheets
Create & Edit project plans
Summary Cost-effective viewer
to open .mpp files
Web client to view plans
and submit timesheets,
 risks, issues
Web client for professionals
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See what our clients are saying

  • We wanted a project reader which looked as much as possible as the MS Project version, but at a fraction of the price. Seavus Project Viewer was from our point of view the one which could answer this need. The product helps us reduce costs and I think all features are useful...

    Jean-FrancoisMicrocell, Montreal, Canada
  • I tried many Microsoft Project viewers before using Seavus Project Viewer, but none of them could display the usage views properly. I found it perfect in terms of viewing .mpp files at acceptable price levels. It is an application with excellent functions like highlighting whole rows, including Gantt bars when you select a task in a Gantt bar view...

    Mr. AkiyamaEye Care Technology Group, Topcon, Japan
  • It is great to work with Seavus Project Viewer, very user friendly, and for a lower price then other viewers. It has exactly the same view as Microsoft Project Viewer, and some other features that allow me to configure my toolbar many the way I like. Very easy to use and with deep functionality.

    Mr. Martin ArendEMH metering GmbH & Co. KG
  • >My experience with you has been exceptional. Thank you for your timely response to all of our questions. I especially appreciate it when I find that this kind of service is most often not the case. Although the Seavus organization is new to us, I feel that my experience with you has been exceptional. Good enough that I wanted to put it in words.

    Dan SullivanIS Manager, Midcon Cables Co.