Why Choose Seavus Project Viewer Over Other Microsoft Project Viewer Alternatives?

Trusted by 6+ Million Users and Two Thirds of Fortune 500 Companies.

If you can see it in Microsoft Project, you can see it in Seavus Project Viewer!

Seavus Project Viewer™ is a stand-alone, cost-effective software for viewing Microsoft® Project Plans, suitable for all project oriented organizations.

You can view .mpp file format without the need to have Microsoft® Project installed on your computer.

This is a preferred solution chosen by project teams from all over the world before other less developed readers such as Moos Project ViewerProject Viewer Central, and Steelray.

Seavus Project Viewer is compatible with all MS project versions including Microsoft Project 2007, 201020132016 and 2019. It works perfectly on Windows 7,8 & 10 as well as Mac OS X.

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