Complete Viewer for
Microsoft Project files
of all versions.

  • Easy collaboration with Skype for Business.
  • Display of all MS Project views with 100% accuracy.
  • 70% Faster than competitors.
  • 93% Lower cost than Microsoft Project.
  • Compatible with MS Project MPP file formats 2016, 2013, 2010 and earlier versions.

Seavus Project Viewer is read-only solution for Microsoft Project .mpp files of all product versions. The software is suitable for all project oriented organizations, from small and medium sized companies to large corporations. 

With this software solution you can view the native .mpp file format without the need to have Microsoft Project installed on your computer. 

By allowing all project members and project executives to view, print and analyze their project plans, Seavus Project Viewer™ enables them to take greater control over project completion and deliver projects successfully.

Over 6 million users around the world and over 250 Of Fortune 500 companies use Seavus Project Viewer. Some of our enterprise customers: Orange, Xerox, Marks & Spencer, European Central Bank, BMW, Ford Motor Company, Michelin, SAP, Airbus, Westinghouse, Chevron and many others.

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Saves You Money

Save 90% of Microsoft Project licensing costs

You can acquire the leading and most accurate Viewer for Microsoft Project files for your coworkers for only a fraction (10%) of the cost of MS project and save funds!


Multi-language Support

11 Languages supported

Available in 11 different languages. You have the option to select one of the desired languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Polish or Italian.


Skype for Business Integration

Skype for Business Integration

Seavus Project Viewer™ fully integrates with Skype for Business. It is suitable for those companies that have offices worldwide or for fast-expanding companies.


Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated support team

For any questions about installing or using Seavus Project Viewer our experienced support team is dedicated to provide the highest quality responses.


Task Update

Task Update collaboration functionality

Team members are able to update project plans on tasks with Task Update functionality without server installation. Project Managers get real-time project update status.

Works With all .MPP Files

Support native .mpp files of all MS Project versions

Seavus Project Viewer is the only Microsoft Project viewer that will open native .mpp files of all MS Project Versions (2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016).



Open project plans from Microsoft Project 2016

Microsoft Project 2016 viewer

Team members can open project plans in any previous Microsoft Project version. Starting September 2015, with implemented support for Microsoft Project 2016, Seavus Project Viewer is the first project viewer on the market to open .mpp files from all official Microsoft Project versions.

  • Open, view and print .mpp files created in Microsoft Project 2016
  • Open Microsoft Project 2016 hybrid file formats (Microsoft Project 2016 files saved as a previous version file type)


Perfect for Windows 10

Project Viewer on Windows 10

Has your company upgraded to Windows 10 yet? The latest operating system is taking full swing, and the leading viewer for Microsoft Project files follows step.

Focus only on your project progress without worries of compatibility issues that can arise, with Seavus Project 12's support for Windows 10.

See the full list of supported Windows versions.

Using a different operating system? Seavus Project Viewer is also available for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Online (web based) version.

Presenting Time Category in Graphical Reports

Project Viewer 2016 screenshot

Get a full overview of your project's progress over time.

Check your busiest, most costly periods of your project's life cycle or check your resources usage through out the project.

Seavus Project Viewer 12 includes the Time category, allowing you to follow how a particular parameter changes over time.


A solution that will save you money

Why spending on additional Microsoft Project licenses just to view .mpp when you can have a complete solution for only a fraction of that cost? 

Here is a comparison table showing how much can you save with a viewing solution as Seavus Project Viewer.

Seavus Project
Project Online
Project Online
Cost/ user for the 1st year
(including support)
Cost/ User for 5 years $67 $420 $2,058
Number of supported views all (27) 2 all
Project Desktop Client
Open all MS project file versions 2013, 2016
Graphical reports
Skype for Business integration
Task Update
Submit Timesheets
Create & Edit project plans
Summary Cost-effective viewer
to open .mpp files
Web client to view plans
and submit timesheets,
 risks, issues
Web client for professionals

Trusted by 6 million+ users.

There’s a reason why two-thirds of the Fortune 500 trust us.

Baker Hughes
Rolls Royce
General Dynamics

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