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Choose the Leading Viewer for Microsoft Project (.mpp) files to ensure superior team involvement towards reaching your project’s goals

Project Viewer for Project Managers

Turn your project plan into project success

Team members will be able to open, view and print your project plans and see 100% of the views included in MS Project regardless of the version the plans are created in. They will analyze .mpp files with exact look and feel as in MS Project, with no additional project management training required. 

You can deliver the .mpp files to your team via your company’s preferred file exchange platform, store them on a shared location or utilize on Seavus Project Viewer’s rich pallet of integration options including SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Google Drive or One Drive.

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    Your team will work in intuitive user environment

    Seavus Project Viewer will display 100% of the views available in MS Project. The interface looks very close to the one adopted by Microsoft Project.

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    Save money with cost-effective viewer

    Reduce the budget spent on software products in your company. You can purchase Seavus Project Viewer for much less than Microsoft Project, while getting the same value.
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If you can see it in Microsoft Project, you can see it in Seavus Project Viewer

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    Have complete control of your Project with professional graphical reports

    Allow your team a greater involvement in the project success - Open any Microsoft project file (.mpp) and see the graphical reports as in Microsoft Project 2013.
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    Enable easy file sharing through SharePoint, Google Drive and One Drive for your colleagues

    Keep your project plans on a shared location on SharePoint Online, or your in-house variant on your own servers. Moreover, Google Drive and One Drive cloud storages are also available.
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