How to Open MPP File on Every Device and OS?

How to Open MPP File on Every Device and OS?

MPP is the file extension used by Microsoft Project, a project management software developed by Microsoft Corporation.

This application is Microsoft’s third windows-based product and become the dominant project management software.

Microsoft Project is favorite at project managers for developing plans, assigning resources, track progress, analyze workloads, and manage budget.

MS Project is part of the Microsoft Office family, but it is sold as separate product and stand alone product.

So far, Microsoft hasn't created a viewer, and although you can open Microsoft Project File with MS Project, this approach could become cost prohibitive if you need to implement Project across the board.

Luckily, there are alternatives for  opening MPP files without having Microsoft Project installed on your device.

Steps to open mpp file with Seavus Project Viewer

  1. Step 1. To open mpp file with Seavus Project Viewer, you have two options. To use online project viewer application or download the software for your device and operating system. Seavus Project Viewer has identical look as Microsoft Project, so you will be familiar with all the options. The software is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X,via browser with online version, on the mobile iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms and as well with application for Apple Watch.
  2. Step 2. After installing SPV on your computer, or in case you’re using the online version, the next step is to start application and open the .mpp file you've stored locally.  
  3. Step 3. Read and analyze the file. That’s it.

Opening .MPP file with Seavus Project Viewer

This is a straightforward way to open and read MS project files, without having Project installed on your computer. 

For company deployment, we suggest to try SPV for free. More info on the following link.


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